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Press realese of the executive committee Animal Protection G

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 Press release of the executive committee on 4 June 2008
 The International Court of Justice for Animal Rights in Geneva is again hearing the case for the abolition of bullfighting in Spain, France and Portugal.
 On Monday 23 June, the third trial for the abolition of bull fights will be taking place before the International Court of Justice for Animal rights. This is happening as a reaction, among other things, to the latest efforts of supporters of bullfighting to extend the number of bull fights and to have them accepted as part of "European heritage".
The Animal Protection Group Arbeitsgruppe für Tierrechte e.V. (APG) is joint plaintiff in this lawsuit which is organised and financed by the Swiss Fondation Franz Weber. Once more, it is opposed to any form of cruelty to animals, especially if this only serves the purpose of entertainment. In our opinion, the acceptance of, understanding of and right of existence of old traditions and customs ends at the moment when physical and/or psychological injuries are done to humans or animals. The cases of bullfighting to be dealt with before the court are based on the mistreatment and killing of sentient creatures. Therefore, the argument that a "heritage" is being preserved here is not convincing. Moreover, surveys about the acceptance of the event in the respective countries throw significant doubt on the question. We therefore demand the quickest possible and complete prohibition of any form of bullfighting displays throughout Europe. Financial support from public authorities for the events should be discontinued.
The embodiment of animal protection into national as well as European law should without exception be a matter of course and should be validated immediately. The public hearing before the Court for Animals Rights starts on 23 June 2008 at 9 am. The action was filed by C.R.A.C., France, Fundacion Altarriba, Spain, and the Association ANIMAL, Portugal. The three chief plaintiffs are represented by Caroline Lanty, a lawyer and president of SPA, the French association for animal protection. They are supported by numerous other organisations against bull fights and for the protection of animals as well as by private animal protectors from all over Europe. According to the U.A.N., the United Animal Nations (, the legal organ of which is the court for animals, the current case against bullfighting is based on new aspects and information, "on statements by witnesses from the inner circle of tauromachy and on documented material which otherwise is never presented to the public." A verdict is expected for the same day. We herewith strongly encourage supporters of the cause and the press to take part in the public lawsuit.

Please take note.

Ingo Marco Pannicke, Dipl. Ing. MBA

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